How can I reverse something stupid I said?

i said something really weird and retarded to a guy and he called me weird and said that. so I don't know if I should try fixing it by saying something or just let it go because I've found out that sometimes trying to fix things makes it worse and giving it time makes it better. but I really think I made a creepy weird impression on this guy and he won't be talking to me again anytime soon


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  • Guys don't hold on to little things like that just talk to him again, but not about what ever you were talking about before..

  • What did you say?

    • Ok so he started talking to me it was going good until I said I had to ask him a question. I thought he heard something gross about me so I asked and he said no then asked what it was. I got all weird and went about avoiding the question in a crazy way and he said "wow..your kinda weird...bye.."

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    • Hm that was really helpful. I really wish I could go back in time and never bring that up! it was so stupid. but he said I was weird though and said bye like he didn't want to talk to me anymore. should I send him another message or just let him get over it with time?

    • Wait a wihle I think. Then send him a message as if nothing happened. ;-)

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