Do I Still Love Him?

Between 14-15 years old, I had this friend. Unlike most my friends, at first I thought he was crazy. Eventually I learned the cause of this craziness and learned to like his brand of insane.

He became my first kiss. I had to deal with him liking my friends. I had to deal with him dating them out of jealousy when he saw me go after other guys. I was a naiive girl but once I caught the games he was playing, I stepped up mine.

Then we finally dated. This didn't last so long... Instead of Chasing me he doted on me then just stopped as I began to withdraw from him. He told me he loved me- I said it back but it didn't have the right meaning since I knew he cared about me less than I did.

Then finally he We made amends after the breakup. I told him to text me sometimes. I don't think he will- yet I feel a hope, and still keep some things that remind me of him. In a boyfriend I'm looking for somebody like him who won't play so many mind games. Do I Still Love Him?
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  • Nah you're infatuated with him that's not love he is literally playing with your emotions


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  • I personally refuse to answer a question like this. The only way to know if you love someone is to look deep down your heart. I know it sounds cheesy but I think that's just the way it is.


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