Should I Stay With My Boyfriend?

I've delt with depression and anxiety for about 6-7 years now but finally went to see a therapist and have been clinically diagnosed. My relationship with my boyfriend started with us being friends and us helping each other with our depression and anxiety. Although my boyfriend is on medication and I am not (but my therapist urged that so I'm most likely going on medication). The biggest problem with my relationship is my depression and anxiety. I just started seeing a therapist this month but I have a long way to go. The medication will help but I my biggest worry is him having to deal with this, because I don't exactly know when I will get better. Besides all this, the relationship is great and we don't have any problems. But any conflict that arises comes from my depression and anxiety. So I don't know if it's fair to him to keep dating if my mental problems aren't "solved".


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  • if he loves you he can be there with you
    but it can take a big toll in a relationship
    i had issues a few years back because of a situation at work and it was very stressful.


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  • I suffer from depression and anxiety also. I have dated and found that if the person is not understanding then the relationship will not work long term. The good thing is, is that your boyfriend understands and cares about your well being. People who suffer from depression and anxiety need their space.


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  • It can't be good that you both are depressed and need meds but if you both find the right type then maybe or otherwise it may get tricky staying together


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