Long Story. Looking for guidance. What should I do regarding my issues with my ex?

I met Kev in school. He took a liking to me, because he saw I was different and interesting. I am very antisocial so I would not say a thing. I would reject him. Hide from him. Run into the girls bathroom. Later on I give him my sc. I started liking the guy. A lot. He was my first everything. First kiss. boyfriend. Things got intimate. Then I broke up with him a few weeks later because I knew about his ex. He still had her as a Screensaver and I knew he still had feelings while he was going after me. We get back together. Then he breaks up with me. I found later on that she was still around trying to get him back. She cut herself when she found out the things we did. She wanted to be his first. He told me he regretted the things we did after that. We got back together when he got that off his chest. He picked me over her. Our relationship was great. Until school ended. He became distant. Answered me very cold. Late. He said he lost feelings for me because we couldn't see each other because of school. HIS EX LIVES IN Europe. THEY NEVER MET. And he still has feelings for her. But he lost feelings for me. Kev treated her like crap. He has too many issues. He "cheated" on her by sexting other girls. Some feelings never die, but he said all of them did. I thought maybe this September when school starts he'll see me and that will spark the flame he felt for me. I know he's working on things with his Ex girlfriend. Could I mean so little? Is there no hope for us? He's cold. He was cold to her. But he never shows his feelings. He ignores me, but he's always looking at my sc stories and she does too. He doesn't say anything about them Or to me. He told me to move on. He lost all feelings. People usually cling to their first. I did. He was mine. I was his. we had deep feelings for each other. He claims not seeing each other did it for him. What do you think? I love him. Should I Try to see him in school? How do you think he's feeling? He claims I never loved him. That I liked him a lot


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  • Listen to his words. He wants you to move on. He has idolized his ex in Europe bc they have never met. She is not real. I mean she is but in his mind she is this enigma, the perfect woman bc he imagines her to be this.

    • Your response sounds more true than anyone elses. It makes sense. 😞😳 I don't why people tend to lean more towards online relationships.

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  • try to find his social media.. why you wait until come back to school... if NO.. I'm here for you

    • I have his soctal media. He looks at my snaps, but never says a thing about it. He doesn't want to get back with me

    • if you are not really In love with him... just don't care about him and he will feel that is bad from his side.. and he will return to you... if not... the world is plenty guys

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  • ok so this guy seems to have so fucking issues but I get chu i would definitely feel attached to my first but all that shit he did to u.. hell no honestly that was his biggest mistake that can't be forgiven easily.. but anyway I'm not telling u to forget him completely but when u go back to school be fly as a mf like ask someone to go shopping with u pick out the most bomb ass clothes hoops an stuff like that n when u hit dat school campus SLAAAAAY SO HARD HIS EYES FALL OUTπŸ’―πŸ’Ž

    • This put a huge smile on my face. πŸ˜‚β€ I don't think he'll care if he saw a new me. I'll try sticking out. :/

    • trus if u looken bomb asf n guys be staren den u know u got his attention trustπŸ’―πŸ’Ž

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