Should I have sent this text to my ex?

He messages me every month or two saying he hopes I'm ok. We've been broken up over a year. Last time he was talking more, trying to find out if I'm single. Joking that I must be married by now. He said talk to you later if you like. I didn't message him. The other day I deleted his old number which looks like I've blocked him on WhatsApp.

He messaged me on Wednesday just the letter 'I'. Tonight he messages me 'hope you're ok. x' and then he sends me a message a few minutes later that the other text was an accident. I messaged him tonight that i feel like he's trying to keep reminding me of him.' Should I have said that? It's just I don't understand what he wants.

He was the one who gave up on things & can't do relationships. I told him that wanted to move on after he still wanted to see me. I never really lost all feelings for him though.
Should I have sent this text to my ex?
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