How to deal with no contact?

My ex and remained friends after breaking up. It was a bad break up tbh and we argued a lot more than we used to but it eventually leveled out. He has a lot of problems with depression and I have too in the past. On Monday he decided he didn't want to continue talking anymore since he wants me to be happy and move on since I tend to do better without him in the picture. He talked about how nothing makes him happy. The next day I told him to be careful because of the holiday and he responded that he hoped I was okay. There wasn't anything to say back anymore. I feel like a weight has been lifted since we stopped talking, I'm actually okay with it but at the same time I want to talk to him because old habits die hard. What are good ways to get through it? I've always gone back to him. I don't want to do that anymore


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  • meet with friends, search for a hobby


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