Is this called a breakup?

My close friends A-boy and B-girl both where dating each other for 3 years. They broke-up in the month of Jan-2010. But this guy A suggested that me and him can be friends with benefits as he was interested in me. I told him I can't because we three are friends and its not good for me to do that with a guy who is my friends boy friend. But he told me that they are going to break up in a week and she is going to announce that. So we had sex and as he said she broke-up with him.

We both started going around because I was every sure that they both broke up. But now I feel they really didn't. because, they still stay in the same house from Jan-till now, they sleep on the same bed, when ever a fight happens he always feels that she is right, when she screams in a fight he feels its normal but if I raise my voice he says I need to see a doctor, when we 3 go out he and she keeps giggling and talking and I feel lonely, when he shops any thing she asks her opinion and does not bother to ask me

This long weekend we where planning to go out all 3 of us. I took off from work and I went . but he did not have any plan finally we went to a picnic with all there college guys. when asked he says he really does not care of there is no privacy for us. and there in the picnic they both where sitting like lover..i felt every bad and I fought with him, finally he says I told you I like you ...and we can try dating I never told you I love you...i feel cheated and bitter...any advice ?

I also feel the same way,im torn between these thoughts -wht if he is trying to love me and every thing gets spoiled b'c of me fighting? - also feel I should go tell my female friend & appologise- al so feel like slapping him right on his face. wht to do
Now I talked to him and he says that lets wait for a week and then decide on wht to do with our relationship. If I would have know that he was not emotionally detached from his ex I would have never got into this. I'm going crazy..
He says that I know its not going to be normal dating, but I did not.I thought it will be normal b'c he has broke up with her. He wanted only to be in the room and have sex. If its going out then he feels guilty to go out with me without her
Guy I'm seriously going crazy..i want to get even with him...feel like crushing him. I dated b'c he told he broke up. whts wrong in my part. he actually still has feelings for her, I don't know wht to do. please suggest me some thing..pls


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  • You are exactly the reason that some women do not like having their girlfriends around their guy. You deceived your friend and you got what you deserved-treated like a piece of crap BY a piece of crap. Even if they were broken up, which it sounds like maybe they were only on a break, you should never have gone with him-how would you like it if your friend cirlced around your relationship like a vulcher then went for the left overs the mintue she thought thing were through.

    Im not saying it is all your fault here though, the guy is cheating scum, he told you what he felt you needed to hear at the time, he saw that you liked him (probably for a while, right?) and he took advantage of you. Now that things are OK with his girlfriend (remember?! your FRIEND) he is back with her like nothing ever happened and you are left out in the cold.

    When your friend finds out she is going to be really hurt and you will probably lose a good friend and it wasn't even worth it.

    You need to forget about him and find your own man because it is clear who he has feelings for and it isn't you.

    • I feel the same way like a piece of crap. I thought she knows about us but he prefers to keep our dating a secret and tell it out only if it works. He always wants to have one more partner when we have sex...or go for handjobs.Last time we had a foreplay and we where hungry and wanted to eat and then continue but after eating he totally forgot about me and started for that handjob place. I asked him and he did a quicky as if its a task to finish. is this behavior OK ?

    • He is just showing you how little respect he has for you. He wants you to do the threesome because he knows he's real girlfriend won't do it. You are showing him that you have no respect for yourself by continuing in this situation behind your friends back, and he is treating you accordingly. My advice is as above.

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  • yes...if you want to date him talk to girl-b, if she is really your friend then she will find out eventually. and sleeping in the same bed? sounds like he is just using you.


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