Found pics of my boyfriend with his ex?

What would you girls do if you found pic of your boyfriend having sex with other girls? Some of the girls just FWB and other ex-gfs. Well I found these pics and the thing that p*sses me off is I have met some of these girls and he said they are just old friends from school. I just feel so stupid and embarrassed because I met these girls and I didn't have a clue! I haven't told my boyfriend I found these pics...should I and how should I handle it?


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  • Talk to him about it. Don't be upset that he didn't tell you that he had slept with these girls, not many guys will be open and say "yeah I slept with her at some point" cause they don't want you to freak out cause they believe us girls will go crazy over it. Let him know your upset that he had hide it from you about sleeping with these girls, and that you would like for him to be more upfront and honest with you about it. And also that he shouldn't be keeping pictures of him and these girls.

    • Exactly and likewise to th girls too. After they just met there not going to ruin and everything and tell you straight out that they slept wiuth your new boyfriend. And your boyfriend anint going to introduce you as, "Oh hey I want you to meet my friend. I banged her." That's just ignorant and rude. So just think of it as respect cause if you new before hand the number of girls he slept with, the type, or the age would you still date him.

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