I think my boyfriend cheated...read emails

I found these emails in my bfs email from last year...start at bottom.


I don't do that




no because I can give you a head or do something but you can't do nothing on me and its not fear

My bf

other stuff we can do that involves us to get naked.


and what are we going to do?

My bf

that doesn't mean we can't still have fun tonight ;)

My bf

I start today so... hopefully for the next Wednesday or something like that...hopefully

My bf

when is it over?


I'm so sorry I didn't know that you were talking seriously and I have my period :( I don't want that you see that...haha

My bf

I was supposed to see tonight but you canceled on me.


hahaha I don't take pics without them...:( you will see... :P

My bf

with your clothes on :( lol


I didn't send you the most beautiful pictures..

I am so upset! at this time we had been dating for 4 months. When I asked him wtf was this about he said he was helping a friend who thought his girlfriend might cheat on him. I thought it might be true so I emailed her myself and she acted really weird and said "Oh your boyfriend and I are just friends. I knew he had a girlfriend and he knew I had a bf...no big deal...it was all just a joke."

I need advice guys because I am so over it...is this all bs? Please help me out...


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  • Yeah I think its b.s..i've been in the same situation and the funny thing is I got the EXACT excuse...so I being the immature person I was at the time..made up this fake MySpace page with some really pretty girl's picture...added him as a friend..

    and guess what happened..if you guessed he took the bait then ding ding we have a winner lol...he basically contacted the girl (me) first, saying how hot he thought she was, and before he even knew her name he had already set up a "sex meeting" lol..at his house!..and so the girl (me) asked do you have a GF..he says yes...i say well isn't this kind of cheating..and being the piece of sh*t he was he replys with I don't care, plus she'll never find out, I do this kind of thing all the time...and I replied back wow, don't you feel bad, you clearly aren't in love..and he says lol, its something like that..but anway he gives her (me) his number...

    so at this point I'm completely disguisted lol...i confront him the next day sayign that the girl is a friend of my cousin and he says :oh, me and my friend were just kidding around, trying to see how far we could get her to go..

    i didn't buy it clearly...we're not together anymore thank god...b/c three months later I found out he had another girl "on the side" he had been seeing for 3 months out of the almost 2 years we'd been together..total douche bag..he's tried to come back several times..but once a cheater always a cheater...i didn't mean to go on and on but I just wanted to share my exprience with you, w/o just telling what you should do..but that was my exprience with the "cheating messages"..maybe it was childish what I did but I was like 16 or 17 and I didn't want to leave w/o truly knowing...so I suggest you leave...


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  • It seems to me that she is trying to cover for him because she doesn't want to get caught, and she doesn't want to have you starting drama with her.

    Your boyfriend is clearly doing things behind your back, and I would say leave him.

    she even stated she didn't know he was serious, and they still continued so he is lieing as well

    sorry this happened to you

  • The writing is on the wall

    He is a cheat

    even if he didn't cheat YET, he will and is planning to. Leave him and don't look back. what's BS is that he is trying to p*ss in your face and tell you its raining and that this girl is lying about it. don't let them play you for a fool, you already know what it is

    a good faithful boyfriend wouldn't be having this kind of conversation with another girl


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