Why do people and society always say that there is someone out there for everyone? It gets very annoying.

Do everyone honestly believe that everyone is capable of finding and getting a boyfriend/girlfriend? That everyone, literally is meant to be in a relationship with someone? It gets very annoying and frustrating when people always give you advice by saying to you "you just have not met the right one", "there is plenty of fish in the sea", "there is someone out there for everyone", GOSH IT JUST MAKES ME WANT TO F***IN' PUNCH SOMEBODY IN THE FACE, BEAT THEM UP FOR SAYING THAT TO ME!, and if you think I sound like I am whining, moping around, bitching, being immature, sounding weak and pathetic, well you don't think I sound weak and pathetic anymore once I have beaten you up, because I am not a wuss or p**** to stand up for my respect.
Because I am 22 years old and I have never had a girlfriend, always been single, it is very frustrating and depressing, it sucks a lot hardcore when you see everyone around your age that has someone already, or at least has had someone before.
I mean you won't think I am weak and pathetic anymore once I have beaten you up, punched your lights out!
So is there really truly someone out there for everyone, literally? or do people just say that to cheer you up?
I just can't picture myself ever getting a girlfriend, I might as well just grow up and deal with it
I feel you, because I'm in the same boat as you as well, seriously, girls have it so much easier, well mainly the hot, cute, and pretty ones because they have so many options, no matter how good-looking us guys are, we don't have as many options.
Thats what one guy wrote to me, and he is right, for the most part, it's easier for a girl to attract a guy than it is for a guy to attract a girl.
I hate how us guys always have to do the chasing


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  • Frusterated are we? People who say that tend to be a little more hopeful than you seem to be. Just because you haven't found someone in the first 2 decades of your life doesn't mean you ever will. Why can't you picture yourself being with someone? You have the ability to so use it. Put yourself out there, instead of flipping sh*t on the world for your lack of relationships go out there and pursue someone. Hell, ask one of your taken guy friends how he manages to get a girl if you really want one. The world seems to be against you when you're alone, its not fun, its torturous. You'll find someone eventually who'll change that.

    • What if none of my guy friends are taken?

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    • I have some chick friends just don't see them as girlfriend material

    • I mena ask them how to get girls, they'll probably know better than you're guy friends

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  • I agree with your question but your reactions here would make me think you're immature. Pretty aggressive reactions. If you think it's annoying if people say that, learn to cope with it. You think it's annoyed to hear such stuff, other people would feel lonely and discouraged to not hear such stuff.


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  • Everyone is capable of getting a boyfriend or gf, the problem is most try and then give up, because they get frustrated, at first it's not easy, just like playing the guitar is not easy, if you don't know how to play go ahead and try it and see how for yourself. Dating is very similar to that, it's not very easy to do if you don't know where to start, but if you learn how you will never forget.

    Some guys are naturals at getting women, but most aren't, so all you have to is find someone who is good at getting women, and observe what they do, and getting women will soon become a lot easier, and eventually getting chicks will become very easy for you.

  • Well, there are perhaps a million people you could conceivably date, so there are probably a few girls you'd get along with! Get involved with other activities to increase the number of girls you are exposed to to increase your chances.

    Oh, and I'd drop the aggression part. Nobody likes that. Big turnoff.

    • Yeah but girls don't want a guy who is wimp or a pussy

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