Want my ex to hate me, give me a reason more reasons to hate her (besides dumping me)

I recently got dumped. The problem is my ex is trying to keep me around as a friend which I have ZERO interest in. I want to move on.

However I am trying to find reasons to dislike her. The obvious are she left me for another guy and she freeloaded off me with all the dates earlier when I paid for everything. She also has a lot of ugly ass tattoos that make her look real ghetto (but she's not ghetto). She also swears a lot making her look more white trashy. Until recently she dressed like a tomboy. The best she ever looked was the f***ing night she dumped me.

I'm not talking to her and trying to move on. But I got a feeling we are going to cross paths again. What can I do to make her dislike me even more and give myself a reason to dislike her more.

I know this sounds illogical, horrible. However if I keep telling myself she's a good girl then I get REALLY heartbroken because some other guy gets to have her and she choose him over me.


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  • Don't anticipate or plan what to say or do when you see her. It never really goes down the way you see it in your head.

    I understand what you are going through right now but the best thing you can do for YOURSELF is stop thinking of her and what she thinks or if she hates you , etc. This is about you now, you are free!

    You are kinda on the right track. Thinking of all the reasons why you shouldn't be with her is a good start. No contact is even better. Take this time to yourself and figure out what it is you want from the next relationship. Take this past one and learn from those mistakes. Forgive yourself and her for why the relationship went wrong. As hard as that sounds, it really is the best way to move on. The way I see it if you have hate for her it's because you still care. It's easy to be nice to someone you don't care about and just because the romantic relationship between you two didn't work out, doesn't mean she or you are not lovable people. Let's face it that's why you fell for her in the first place. So trash talking her only is a reflection of you, because you dated her. Think about that. We all are blinded by love but realize that this just gets you closer and opens doors to finding the right girl for you.

    Good luck.

    • Awesome answer bro. Thanks! I want somebody to help me move on

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    • But I got to move on and lesson learned. I'm just frustrated with myself for feeling so attached to her still. An illogical part of brain won't give up. I keep looking at her fb photos SEVERAL times a day. I'm hoping she'll call me on my bday in a week. I'm hoping that she will attend a party that my mutual friend will invite her too in the next couples weeks. None of that is good news. I just want the feeling of her romantically liking me....but that's long gone. I'll get over it.

    • I know its hard to not think of someone but when you do think back and ask yourself this, is my ex really the right person for me? You'll later find that those feelings fade and even though we want it all back and are p*ssed about the whole thing. You gotta hand it to her for being able to make you feel all these things (some people never get to that point) so consider yourself somewhat lucky.

      Your very welcome man, and I hope things get better for you.

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  • she's not a good girl. she sounds like an unworthy partner. is your self esteem low or something because you are putting a girl who treated you like that on a pedestal and its not right. move on from her because if you try to be her friend its gonna hurt worse

    • Yep you are exactly right. Problem is she dumped me at really bad time (my business is having trouble, my car broke down and my grandpa is doing too well) This happened over a span of a week. I guess I can't blame her on the timing. But yes my self esteem isn't exactly sky high right now, but I'm trying to show an outward appearance of otherwise.

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  • You can do better, enough said.


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