Do I stand a chance with this girl?

Here we go again. Got a crush on a new girl. Previous one wasn't interested so fck her xD

This new girl I've shared one class with for like half a year, more or less, cuz I only had that class once a week. Anyway we never really talked, small talk maybe, nothing else. I did see her smile at me often and I smiled back. 2 weeks ago, after exams, my friend was waiting for me and that girl was also waiting for a friend of hers. I should mention that my friend and that girl actually went to elementary school together. Alright so When I sat down with em, my friend immediately told me she didn't have a boyfriend yet and kinda started to turn us into a couple. He told me a lot about her, told her a lot about me. And even though I'm pretty talkative normally, I was fcking shy and startled during that convo. Barely said anything xD he told me I should add her on Facebook, she said she's not really active there, I sent her a request, she didn't accept. Then, a few days ago, I searched her again and saw that she actually has 2 profiles. I sent a request to her other profile too and she accepted. And she liked one the vids I shared. Either she happened to see that or she checked out my page. My friend said he thinks we make a cute couple and he said I should message her. Do you think I have a chance with her?
Do I stand a chance with this girl?
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