No more orgasms?

Boyfriend stopped having orgasms with me and missing Viagra. So I snopped as it was driving me crazy. He is going to sex cams. Why!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • The number two reason for divorce is sexual incompatibility.

    He isn't getting everything he needs from you and what do you do? Force him to lie to you or you will leave him?

    You ought to be the one giving the show. But if you are typical for your age, then maybe he ought to just trade you in for a younger model.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Hmmmm. Look at women in their 20s when they are perfect bodies? Or woman in her 40s who may be hot but isn't in her prime any more, nags at me, and won't do the freaky stuff I want but those cam models sure as hell will?
    Do you even have to ask?


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  • take him to any of your favourite place and ask about it


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