Is it a break up or does he need space?

A while back I deleted all of my social media accounts. I deleted them because i had a long distance relationship with someone i found on Instagram and my boyfriend found out. The agreement was that I would get rid of all my social media account so that the same problem wouldn't happen again, and so he could trust me once more. It's wasn't a big deal, so I deleted my social media accounts. He went through my phone and found that i was going back on Instagram looking at open accounts, I didn't make a new account I was only going on it and viewing open accounts. He asked if I was going on Instagram again I said no and that was an obvious lie. He already knew i had and that i was lying. He saw that i was looking at the instagram page of the person I had the long distance relationship with. My intentions were not to contact him again, I was only curious on how they were doing. My boyfriend started crying and telling me he loved me or loves me (not sure it was muffled). WE HAVE A CHILD TOGETHER. As he was crying he kept telling me he loved me and what about our child they're innocent. He then got up and got all his things and left to his mom's. He hasn't talked to me in 3 -4 days. He only texts me to inform me about our child. He hasn't said if were broken up or if he just needs space. I know he's gone out and hung out with his friends, he's told them that I wasn't able to be there because I was at work late. That's a lie I just don't know if he needs space or if it's a break up. Any advice would be nice. How can i make things better? Im respecting and being understanding of him by giving him space. Im not texting, calling, or looking for him. Im allowong him time to process his feelings. Keep in mind we have a child together.


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  • Firstly your the childs mum if he really wants to work it out with you he's going a strange way of doing it has he ever let you look through his fone

    • He has, he's not hiding anything or doing anything. It's me who went and did something behind his back

    • Did you sleep with the other man

    • If you did then you have done something that takes a lot of time to forgive the worst thing is you betrayed the trust he had for you so you will need to remove the other man out of your life

What Girls Said 1

  • Who do you want?

    • The father of my child :)

    • Then do the right thing

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