Which girl to pursue?

I have a small dilemma and I'm not sure what to do. Basically there are two girls that I am interested in... Girl A I met last week and talked to for a bit, got her number and then asked her out the next day over the phone... she said she was busy on the weekend and I told her to text me if she wanted to do something next week.

In the meantime Girl B, I have sort of known for awhile but never really talked to her much - but I struck up a conversation with her and got along really well, found out we have a ton in common and I think I like her more than Girl A. Well I figured I'd ask her out next time I saw her since I never heard back from Girl A... but then she did text me and we went out the other night... it went okay, and she wants to go out again on Saturday now.

Well sure enough, I run into Girl B this morning... chatted for a bit and went really well again (or at least in my mind), so I asked her if she was doing anything today and if she wanted to go out... she said she was really busy today, but didn't really offer up an alternative date or anything.

For some reason I think I still have a shot with Girl B, even though my brain would say she's not interested based on her being busy and not suggesting an alternative.

So I guess the problem is that I like Girl A and she seems interested in me, but I REALLY like Girl B... but she kind of shot me down. Normally I would just forget it, but I obviously like her enough that I'm willing to try again. Not sure if it will work, but I feel like there's a chance. At the same time though I don't want to get too involved with the first girl. Don't know if I should keep going with the first one, or pursue the second... or both.


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  • Why are you making this so hard? Who says you have to choose? Isn't that what casual dating is? You are allowed to date more than one girl -- but it would be nice to TELL THEM that you are NOT EXCLUSIVE and just keeping your options open. There is nothing wrong with that, Sweetie - and to be honest with them - you are not hiding anything. You really aren't doing anything wrong. What's the hurry? You really don't know which one you prefer - and that is why you are getting to know them. Don't pressure yourself so much. No need. Good luck. Take your time --- but don't take forever... ! Then you just look like a player!

    • Yeah, I guess you're right. I suppose I just feel kind of guilty knowing that I would probably drop Girl A right away if the other one came around and changed her mind.

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  • pursue girl B, because if you're not that into girl A then it's not fair to her, and it probably wouldn't work out anyway. you deserve to be with someone you really like, and each girl deserves to have a guy that's really into her, so do yourself and her a favor and go for the one you really want - if it doesn't work out with girl B, then just look for a C!

    • Girl C is even better, but she's practically engaged, so I've all but given up on her ;)

  • I would say go for Girl B, pretty much because I am stereotypically her. Chances are she was probably busy, but not confident enough to suggest another time. Try asking her out again, and see what she says.


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