Did I screw up?

So I dated a coworker a few years ago, and we stopped dating because she was too much of a party girl.
So a year later, she messages me wanting to hang out before she moved, and out of respect for my girlfriend at the time, I didn't hang out with her.
We broke up and this girl starts messaging me every day, but she's in another state.
After a while, I just felt like she was leading me on. so I unfriended her and didn't try to talk to her.
She adds me back and says she is upset for me unfriending her and accuses me of playing games. once I explained my side of things, she understood. She did say that she didn't think she was gonna move back to where I was after all.
I messaged her and told her that because I didn't want her to think I was playing any games, I told her that because of a family feud, I was deleting my Facebook and sent her my number.
It took a few weeks longer than I said, but it was deleted 4 weeks after I told her.
She popped up as someone I should know on Instagram, and I'm sure she's seen that notification too.
I requested to follow her and immediately in did it, cause I don't want her to think I'm playing games.


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  • So.. you DO want to be in a relationship with this person? I would start having the conversation of "So.. what exactly are we?" and "Where do we see this going?" and see if this relationship is worth it to you. Because to me, it's very unclear if you are just friends, more than friends, or if either of you are trying to start a relationship. I would talk in question format. What if the two of you started a relationship? Would it be long distance? How would that work out between the two of you? Do you want to start something serious and just see where it goes?

    Also, bring up your hesitations and concerns. Do you still party as much as you used to?, etc. Based on the answers to these questions, HOW you both answer these questions and if either you even want to answer these questions openly... should determine if it's wise to start a relationship and just how that relationship would go.

  • If you guys are so far apart physically, this probably isn't going to go anywhere.


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