Are you friends with your ex on fb? If so why and how often you "check up" on them?

Also was your breakup amicable? Do you want to get back together? How long ago was your break up?


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  • I have one ex that I'm friends with on facebook.. no I do not check up on them.


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  • I am friends with him on FB. I do check up on them depending on my mood. If I'm reminiscing about them or they come to my mind, I will definitely check to see what their up too. Lately, I've been checking on my ex a lot, maybe once evey few days. Our breakup was 2 years ago, we ended things amicably and he recently reached out to me after a very long time. Makes me happy to see I wasn't the only one lurking. He must have been checking up on me too. I think we are all guilty of that!


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