He left me when he promised me he never would?

why are guys so ... urg

me and this guy. we started out hating each other. but then we fell for each other. after a while I started telling him things vice versa. we fell hard. we dated. then he told me that he was done.

he said he loved me too much to keep doing this. and that he had a heavy heart. and he was too jealous.

why do people do this? he told me he would never leave me. and he knows that it crushes me when he leaves. he said he was in love with me. we talked for over 6 hours on the phone and never ran out of things to say. everything seemed perfect.

so why did he leave?


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What Guys Said 1

  • my ex said she could never live without me, 2 years later she lives with someone else and she dumped me

    It's not about girls or guys, just fake words and lies...

    I would rather believe in aliens that to believe in love lately :)))

    Someone is only in love with you until something interesting comes their way :(


What Girls Said 1

  • :) wait. he said he left because he was too jealous? or what exactly-- what did he say why he was leaning-- & how long were you guys dating for.

    what did you end up doing together physically & how much time did you spend together in general how long have you known each other etc -- some info would help... so far what you said a guy high on drugs at a gas station at a could have said to a total stranger - what happened?


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