Why would a girl that was interested suddenly back off?

A friend of mine was trying to hook me up with a girl he knew... said she was really cute and cool. she texted me saying she thought I looked handsome from Facebook pics she saw. my buddy told me she wanted to get to know me more... so she seemed interested.

she texted me outta the blue a couple days later. sent a couple messages back and forth... I asked how her 4th of July was. she was "great! what did you do?" and I told her about my family's house on the lake we go to, and how I spent the afternoon there, and then went to a friends house for fireworks. I thought it might impress her, and would at least be interesting enough to spark more interesting conversation, but after that, she sorta backed off.

I don't see how she would if she thought I was cute, only sent a handful of texts back and forth, and haven't even met in person yet.

any ideas?


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  • Maybe she expected you to ask her out. After all, she initiated the conversation, since that did not happen she probably moved on. But if you want to meet her, then send her an invitation and see what happens. Good Luck!

  • Thats very weird maybe she was bussy or somthing I'm not really sure what to tell you becasue that is confuzing. I'm sorry but my advice don't go for your friends people he sets you up with.


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