Ex won't talk to me after making out. What should I do?

Hi, my ex girlfriend broke up with me about a year ago. Since then we have been seeing each other as friends almost everyday. Two days ago she came to my house and we were chatting in my bed. She was tired and asked me to give her a back rub. After a while we started making out, but suddenly she pushed me away and left my house. I called her and text her but she didn't reply. I thought that my feelings for her were over but I couldn't control my self. I feel guilty because I'm the one who started it. I think that she is disappointed. What should I do?


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  • Give her a break and let her think about it. If I'm correct, this girl probably is confused about you. Yes, she's attracted to you, but that doesn't necessarily mean she wants to be in a relationship. She probably is wanting to keep all of her options open. Take control. Don't text/call her for a while, because she obviously doesn't want to talk to you right now (sorry, sad truth). Wait for her to communicate with you first. If this never happens, after a while text her and ask her to hang out so you guys can talk. If you have feelings for her and want to be in a committed relationship, tell her how you feel and be completely honest. If you don't, then apologize and say you want to be friends. Hope I helped (: sorry if I didnt.

    • Thank you for your advice. I wrote her a letter letting her know that I was sorry an I telling her that I will not bother her until she wants to talk to me. Should I give it to her?

    • Eh, with limitations. Just don't, under any circumstances, sound too sweet or too pushy. Just say you'll talk to her when she's ready

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