Can my hook-up turn into a relationship?

Two and a half weeks ago, I met this guy and we ended up hooking up later on that night, we didn't have sex though. A few days later we hung out again but we didn't do anything but cuddle. A few days after that we hung out with some of our friends together but he completely ignored me. A few days ago we got drunk with our friends and ended up having sex and spending the night together.

During this whole situation, we haven't had any contact with each other except for when we hang out together with our friends. He hasn't asked about me to our mutual friend or hasn't attempted to talk to me, does this mean that he has no interest in me and that he only wanted to hook up or could there be a small chance that he could want something more?

I also get really shy around guys that I like when I'm sober and don't really talk that much so I sometimes come off as not interested when in fact I am. Could that also have something to do with my situation?
Can my hook-up turn into a relationship?
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