Does he want me back, and what should I do to win him back?

My boyfriend broke up with me after dating for two days because his ex-girlfriend came back. At first I told him we couldn't be friends because it would be hard for me, but then after letting myself cool down for a week or so, I told him that we could be friends. He apologized again, and told me how much he really likes me. Now he continues to text me a lot. At first it was just like casual conversation, but then he texted me at 2:30 one morning because he couldn't sleep. I told him I couldn't either and he asked what I was thinking about. I told him nothing in particular, but it almost seemed like he was trying to get me to say that I was thinking about him or something. I really do like him, and I'm having trouble moving on from him. I don't know how things are going with his girlfriend, but the fact that he texts me makes me wonder. So is there a chance he regrets it and wants me back? What should I do about it?


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  • i think he's trying to use u. he's dating a girl he likes, and regardless of how he feels about u, he's going to milk every chance at attention that he can get from u. my suggestion would be to get away from him.

  • you dated for two days? are you crazy or just desperate. but yeah he knows your waiting.


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