Ex-girlfriend is infiltrating my group of friends...what to do?

My ex has started hanging around my group of friends and has almost interjected herself into the group. I can't STAND being around her, there is tension between us and I want to get over her and being around her isn't helping.

I can't trust my friends anymore because she talks to them and whatever I say to my friends reaches her some how. Its horrible. I can't tell my friends to stop hanging with her, yano, I can't tell people who they can or can't hang with.

All I can think of doing is not hang with my friends anymore. But I don't want that to happen. Advice would be much appreciated.


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  • You're right, you can't tell someone what to do and what not to do but you can ask. Ask your friends to avoid hanging out or talking with her and give an explanation on why you don't want them to keep in contact with her. For example, tell them that your ex is using them, your friends, in order to get back at you. If they truly are your friends, they will stop handing out or talking to her out of respect for you. If not, get some friends who are not fake about friendship.

    • But, I don't think she's using them to get back at me... and you do have a point.. they should respect my space.

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