Do you think he might be cheating?

my boyfriend and our friend (male) have gone to Europe for a month. its horrible being without them. my boyfriend didn't really ask me to go with him and then days passed and now they're in Europe. I asked him if it was a possibility that he might cheat, considering I'm sure their nights in London etc. are spent getting drunk. and he said no for a variety of reasons, but I remember him saying because he wasn't the best at talking to women and that's not why he is going there, and the usual I'm with you bullsh*t.

but he never really invited me to go, and someone said it might have been because I'd be a third wheel. I have no idea what it is like in London or France, but if they're staying at hostels, they might be drunk, attractive and easy tourists who might find their Australian accents charming? do you think he might cheat? we've been together for 2 years now. I know if he did, he probably would never tell me.

guys, would you cheat? or am I being paranoid? surely there are some guys who actually love their girlfriends and wouldn't want to hurt them right? or do all men go for girls if given the chance? girlfriend or no girlfriend.
Do you think he might be cheating?
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