Do you think he might be cheating?

my boyfriend and our friend (male) have gone to Europe for a month. its horrible being without them. my boyfriend didn't really ask me to go with him and then days passed and now they're in Europe. I asked him if it was a possibility that he might cheat, considering I'm sure their nights in London etc. are spent getting drunk. and he said no for a variety of reasons, but I remember him saying because he wasn't the best at talking to women and that's not why he is going there, and the usual I'm with you bullsh*t.

but he never really invited me to go, and someone said it might have been because I'd be a third wheel. I have no idea what it is like in London or France, but if they're staying at hostels, they might be drunk, attractive and easy tourists who might find their Australian accents charming? do you think he might cheat? we've been together for 2 years now. I know if he did, he probably would never tell me.

guys, would you cheat? or am I being paranoid? surely there are some guys who actually love their girlfriends and wouldn't want to hurt them right? or do all men go for girls if given the chance? girlfriend or no girlfriend.


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  • You've been with the man for 2 years, you should have faith in him by now.

    Where is this insecurity coming from? I understand why you would be hurt not being invited, that's natural. But blowing it out of proportion because of hurt feelings could possibly hinder the relationship you have now.

    There is going to be times when you have to trust your partner - that's part of being in a relationship. You can't expect him to do everything with you and as hard as it sounds, want to do everything with you. Being with someone doesn't mean that you can't have separate desires. If you love him, then love him. Don't go nutty because he isn't behaving how you want him to.

    There are times I want to do things that do not include my husband. I love being independent and my husband understands that. It has nothing to do with me wanting to be with someone else and everything to do with pursuing my own interests. How I feel about that does not take away from loving him. I actually think it enhances my feelings for him because he doesn't see me as just an extension of himself, but as a person of my own.

    Don't ruin what you have by being disrespectful to how your boyfriend feels about you. Trust him.

    Good luck.

    • Thank you, this makes a lot of sense. you know, I am actually a twin, maybe this is why its sometimes hard for me to understand that not everyone wants to do everything with me. I guess I forget not everyone including my boyfriend thinks like that.

  • not asking you is not a reason for him to cheat, he probably just wanted some guy time. I went to europe last summer with some of my girlfriends, I didn't ask my boyfriend along. I have no intention of cheating, just wanted some time with just the girls. don't worry about it


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