Why is my ex contacting me?!

I was with this guy for 2 years. We had been through A LOT. I was there for him during some of the hardest times of his life, when no one else was with the exception of his mother.

About 2 years into the relationship we moved in together. We started having problems but nothing we couldn't work out. He started acting weird and I got a gut feeling that he was cheating. i.e locked cell phone, acting distant. So I ended up moving out and I left him without any real proof. When I popped up out of the blue to get the rest of my stuff I found the proof I needed to move on. Used condoms. I was done and still am.

It's been about a year and I have progressed significantly in my life and now have a awesome boyfriend who treats me very well. So I randomly get this facebook message form him asking how I've been and what have I been up to. I replied with a very short message telling him about the goals I have met and that I now have a great boyfriend who treats me good. I didn't ask he was but he took it upon himself to tell me about the bigger house he moved into and a new car he purchased. Ha! Like I effin care! He makes me SICK! So now that you guys have some background what do you think his intentions are? What does he want from me? I'm sure I made it pretty obvious that I was through with him and you can't reconcile an action of such betrayal.

Is it better to just ignore future messages or tell him nicely to eff off?


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  • tell him to eff off, you don't have to be too nice ;) ha ha then ignore any other messages from him. And don't give him too much thought, its probably what he wants; For you to come back.

    • You're right. It would feel so good to be a total b@%&* and to tell him to eff off. My friends say ignoring him would do the most damage but telling him that would feel good.

    • Exactly hurt you, so you should tell him off! but maybe your friends are right. It could be more mature, although not as fun..

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  • tell him to leave you alone


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