Staying friends with an ex?

In a situation where you want to be together but can't for some reason, so you decide to be friends... does it ever actually work? He says it might be for the best, but I think I'd get so jealous if he ever actually did get with another girl, and I don't think I'd really meet anyone else that interested me that much. Anyone got any experiences with that sort of thing?


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  • Be friends with him. Me and my ex were friends right after we broke up but then he got a new girlfriend and I was p*ssed. He said he missed me and wanted another chance, he broke up with her the next night. Then asked someone else out. I went crazy on him and we totally hated each other for about a week. Then something happened to me, and I needed someone, anyone to talk to. So I sent him a text asking him to talk to me, distract me, and he did. We talked for hours. Since then we text all night, every night. We are closer than ever now. We get along much better, but we both miss us dating, but neither of us want to try it again. But our friendship is so much stronger, personally, I think me and him are much better as being JUST friends. I couldn't be happier with our relationship right now(:


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  • if you love someone, you're happy for them if you can't meet their needs but someone else can. you may have some disappointments, some jealousy but its worth it to have this person in your life as long as you mean the same to them and you both respect each others' needs.

    • But I guess that's my problem - I know that in the end we both need to be happy, together or apart or whatever, so if we're going to break up and he starts dating other girls, it's more heartache for me to see him do that, and it's more stress for him if he knows I'm upset or if I did something stupid and emotional. Sorry I'm not really sure what I'm asking -_-;

  • Staying friends does work.. down the road. You can't be friends with an ex until you are over them and the relationship or else it will be hard on you because of the jealousy. Its only natural. It will take time after the breakup to get over it and once that has happened then friends can be a possibility. Once you love someone, you never stop. By being friends later, you are going to be one of their best because you will look out for them and only want what's best for them. I am friends with my ex-husband, and let me just put it nicely. He made numerous very bad mistakes. It took me a good 6 months of not talking to him for me to finally get over the it because after the divorce we continued on and off for 3 years. But it is possible. It just takes time and understanding.


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