How to let a guy down easy?

So I have been seeing/talking to two guys and I don't ever do this but kind of happened. The one guy who I want to let go is extremely nice and stuff but he is 31 years old with no car no job, needless to say no future. I don't care bout money and stuff but I would like a guy tries to do something with his life, he does not seem to put in the effort he's in to r/c cars and stuff. The other guy has a good job and house and has a future and Like him and what to get to know him better. I don't want to break the other guys heart to bad because he is a nice person, so how do I let him down we have been talking/texting for a week now any suggestions?


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  • Just tell him that you would like to be friends or that you want to focus on being single right now. Honestly, there really is no easy way to break up with someone unless you lie and say you got back with your ex or something like that but its best to keep it real with him by tellin him the truth. That you just want to be friends and if he asks why, tell him you have interests elsewhere. Honesty is the best policy, say it nice and move on. At least, that's under your belt and his closure to know the truth and time will pass and he will get over it but you should always be real about what you want because in order to get that, you will break some hearts along the way. It is just life and a part of dating. Its not what you say it is how you say it.

    • I want to say it soon so he doesn't feel like I'm leading him on his birthday is Tuesday and that would be a terrible thing to do , should I wait till then to tell him?

    • Wait a couple of days after his b-day

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