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Alright to make this short and quick as possible, my ex dragged me on with her for 6months. I basically waited for her. I decided to move on and so I'm like alright imma just delete her off facebook and I did this was like a week ago, and like a couple days after that I got a friends request from her I'm like wow..I denied it, next day a 2nd request from her and a message saying "why can't you just accept my friend request?" I ignored it and denied it again. Next day 3rd request denied again. Next day 4th request denied again, 5th request denied again. And last 6th request but here's another funny part. She comments my wallpost of me saying happy birthday to her older sister saying "ew." and I checked it, its gone she deleted it. So I denied again for her 6th. Like honestly what's going through her head?

I in fact do want her back but since I'm in control of this now, ill talk to her once I get back home from Vietnam. Unless she tries to talk to me. We'll see what happens, only time will tell.


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  • its really annoying to be removed as a friend on facebook. I personally think you did the right thing...she wants to be able to keep tabs on you, see who your dating, look at your pictures...basically doesn't like the fact that you have kicked her out of your life because YOU did it to her first. and the positions of power have changed, you say she strung you along for 6months then in my opinion she is used to being in control control of you, control of the situation. She made all the decisions and it kills her that she didn't make this one, you did.

    You did the right thing. I deleted my ex and I find it was really helpful because you don't have to see what they are up to and its much easier to forget them

    DENY DENY DENY the friend requests :-) its driving her mental sweet!


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  • AHAHHAHA keep denying those friend requests buddy. my ex is like that too ever since we broke up like 4 months ago...except replace friend requests with constant messaging...always wanting to chill and the "i miss you" shiit... just ignore it..she'll disappear hopefully. rofl

  • I think she still have feelings for you but for me I think she's crazy lol

  • She wants to check up on you and wants you to have access to her. It's a game. Block her. She's childish.


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