Will he come back after 'a break'?

Alright, this guy and I were friends since my sophomore his junior year in high school. we dated for about 2 weeks in high school it was scared puppy love. he dated other girls I dated other guys and then he left to college. Before my senior year ended he messaged me on myspace blah blah blah... OK now we've been dating/together for 2 years, have a 8 month old baby girl and recently he's been feeling unhappy about where his life is. He left about 4 days ago and claimed he just wanted to be alone and that maybe later we could see if it would work because he still "loves me with all his heart". He doesn't want to date and he doesn't want me to either... he's been staying at his grandmothers or with her at his uncles. He still texts me and yesterday while he was coming over to pick up some of his things, he freaked out because I wasnt home, and maybe because I asked him how he would feel if I started dating (answer: the same way I would feel if he did). so he kept trying to make me call him...what does all this mean? does he still want to come back and be with me or is he just trying to leave? or does he really just need space? BTW we're both 20 going on 21 HELP!


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  • it's a little complicated since you're both too young...he has reasons to feel that way, he feels like he jumped 10 years forward in his life... he sure just needs some time to figure out what he wants. what will happen, nobody knows. you just have to wait, but if he really loves you, he will stay.


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