I did the right thing didn't I?

I've had the same friends with benefits for 4 years. In 2015 I got a girlfriend and it hurt her. She broke it off with me. My girlfriend was always insecure over her.
My girlfriend broke up with me in April... we got back together but again, broke up a few weeks later.
Recently she took me off of her facebook. Blocked me from her instagram. She told me she was talking to a new guy but that it's "nothing serious". This hurt me. My ex friends with benefits is a good person. She has a big heart. I would hang out with her a lot more and I opened up to her about how sad I was. I called her at midnight once just to vent to her about the break up. She told me to move forward and that id be ok. And if I needed anything to wake up her again.
Yesterday she was around me at work. We worked at the same desk. She seen me texting my ex begging her back. U had the phone on the counter and she seen it. My ex wasn't really saying we can work it out she only said "you hurt me a lot" and things like that. So I don't know if she is willing to take me back.
I guess it hurt my friends with benefits because she got upset and wasn't cooperating with me at work. She told me she's done with me and that she seen me messaging and at least I could do it not in front of her. After she told me that I continued to text. She eventually exploded. We ended up having to go talk with a supervisor.
In the meeting she started to cry and said she's done a lot for me I could at least respect her enough to not do it around her. I told her she's mad because I love my ex and not her. She started to cry. And she texted me after our meeting she texted me that my ex will never go back to me and I've also lost her and I'll be miserable and alone. I couldn't look at her when she cried. The supervisor said in front of both of us that I hide it but I do care about her. I didn't respond. But she did say to the supervisor that she knows I don't care. I avoided her after work.
I don't know how I feel about what I've done. I watched someone break but I want my ex back... I didn't know it'd feel like this.


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  • Sounds like a bad daytime drama but, you're going to be better off just moving forward and not looking back. Being miserable and alone is just what I told my then wife. Before she became my ex wife I came home at the usual time and told her I'm unhappy, I'm only 23 and I can be lonely & miserable by myself. I dont need any help. I might have been lonely on certain nights but never miserable again.

  • Why did your ex dump you?
    Why did you have to explain your relationship problems to the supervisor at work?

    I can't say you did the right thing because it seems you didn't do much else than trying to get your ex back AND trying to get your old fuck buddy, both at once out of desperation. You were dishonest and you failed, just accept defeat and move on. You could also apologise to your ex-fwb as you hurt her feelings without her doing anything towards you.

    • She dumped me because she was insecure over my ex friends with benefits and other girls.

      We had to talk to our supervisor because my friends with benefits wasn't cooperating and it was affecting our work

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