What's up with my ex?

We where together for 2 years and we broke up because I couldn't be fully committed in the relationship because I have very little time time on my hands and it will be like that for 9 months, so it ended there he didn't respond to any of my text until 3 months after then I came up to the conclusion that we will be together after I'm finished with school he was ohk with it then we continued to text back and forth for two weeks then he just stopped I haven't heard from him in 2 months now. Now he had sent me a friend request on Facebook (Which I haven't accepted) also when we were together I sent him a friend request and he deleted it so what's up with him. Over month ago he posted a picture status on what's app saying "Don't be scared to fall in love everyone is not like your ex".
What does he want?
Everything I'm 2 feet away from getting over him he returns and it brakes me every time.
What do you think of this situation?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Can depend on many things! The easiest way is to just ask him! He should be able to give ju a proper answer! It´s hard to answer not knowing what kind of guy he is, how your relationship was etc. But from my perspective he acts very immature. If you want you can tell me more in a message. If this site got that option. New here you know:)


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  • Just ignore it and don't worry about it anymore. Leave the past in the past


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