Girls, Give her space or be there for her after break up?

Hello ladies!

Recently my girlfriend left me. We are really in love with eachother but she´s really stressed out.
When she broke up she had a job where she did almost the same job by herself, as it normal should takes three to do (Got her own company/starting a second company). She also got two kids from a previous relationship. They got the kids every other week. She had two different educations at the time and in a bidding for a new house. She´s also been sick on and off this year (fever).
When she left me she told me that she couldn´t be in a relationship right now, because she felt totally drained on energy. And i understand her! who wouldn´t? In my eyes she´s is the real wonder woman.
First after the breakup I told her that maybe we should take a break from contacting eachother.
To really get some space for ourselves. After a week she called me one evening and asked if we could meet at my place. She told me she has longed for me and wanted to be close to me. We talked a little that night. Not much about the relationship. And then we slept together. Everything felt great! Two days after she came home to me again and told me that she still don´t want a relationship. I told her once more that day, that it´s better to cut the contact for a while. The last thing she said was that she hoped we could call/meet sometimes to keep the contact. I wanted to give her space but also felt like shit for not being there for her so after two week i called her and she was really happy to hear from me. She also said that she´s been thinking of calling me everyday but wanted to respect me, so she didn´t. We had a great chat. A few days ago she calls me and asks me if I wanted to hang out with her. I didn´t have the time though, but we agreed to meet at her new house so i could help her move this week. My question is! What is a good balance between giving space and keep a good contact at the same time? Love her and really want us to have a future together. sry for bad english!

Girls, Give her space or be there for her after break up?
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