Do men take things harder?

So I went on a few dates with a guy over a period of a week. He seemed really sweet, but the more that I got to know him I realized that we had too many differences and just in different life stages. Plus he got attached to me too quickly, huge turn off.. anyways so today I told him that I don't think this is going to work, as we are in different places. His response was "alright". I feel like I shouldn't of said anything and maybe things would of changed? But why should I have to suffer because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings?


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  • I think that men are often less equipped to process emotions as we're taught to stifle them, or moreso to appear that we don't even have them. It's a bit like feeling very sick. Some people just go and throw up and feel a lot better. Others will fight the impulse to throw up and will feel sick for days.

    Girls are often more used to just expressing emotions and venting them in more positive ways and it is deemed more acceptable for them to do so (by their peers).


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  • i think u did the right choice


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  • you made the right choice, he needs to accept you guys weren't meant to work out.
    that doesn't mean there's something wrong with him, it's just not your type.
    he will eventually understand that


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  • good choice girl.


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