Why is he suddenly talking to me?

So, this guy I used to date...

There was a ton of past history and such, but after some time off of being friends, I made the move to put things behind us and be friends again. He agreed. Then, he SAID he would let me know when he was free... never happened. I told him I had the same number so just text me when he was free (just real casual). I ended up texting him about two weeks later because there was an open facebook invite on his status to a BBQ. I was just checking on what day, and he asked who I was, so obviously he hadn't put my number in his phone. He didn't seem interested in me coming to the BBQ, so I didn't ask to come (just to make sure I wasn't overstepping any boundaries). About a week later I was trying to be nice, so I texted him how his weekend was going... and all I got back was "its good". So I replied asking how the BBQ went, since it rained that day... and no reply.

I accepted that he was probably lying in the beginning about how he wanted to be friends again, and how he was sorry about the past and such...

So I tried to move on and not think or talk about him. This was about two months ago.

All of a sudden I get contact on facebook... now, I know it's not much, but it's him posting on my statuses like "rock on, hope you have fun".

I'm wondering what's going on. I didn't comment back, so I'm wondering if he will still comment and stuff...

Any advice? This guy seems confusing to me.


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  • It sounds like he was just trying to end on a good note, but was not actually comfortable with keeping touch, he was hurting.

    After a while he may have cooled off, thought about it, and commented on your status "just trying to be nice" like when you asked him how his weekend was. People get over these situations at different paces, his may have been a lot slower then you.



    • Thanks,

      Part of me hopes he truly wants to talk to me again, because we got along well. Think he'll eventually want to talk and hang out again? I sort of want to be prepared. If that isn't too anal haha.

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    • So should I comment back? Or wait for him to try and talk to me again? haha. Gosh I'm just so confused :p

    • If you don't respond, he will feel weird if he kept on writing, I doubt he will do it again. Honestly, comment back. That's what Facebook is for and the worst possible outcome is he doesn't respond. Big deal you werent going to anyway.

  • Maybe he has played the field and decided you might be worth another go or he might just want to be friends or friends with benefits only he knows time will tell. Do what you feel is right or want...


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