Why is he suddenly talking to me?

So, this guy I used to date...

There was a ton of past history and such, but after some time off of being friends, I made the move to put things behind us and be friends again. He agreed. Then, he SAID he would let me know when he was free... never happened. I told him I had the same number so just text me when he was free (just real casual). I ended up texting him about two weeks later because there was an open facebook invite on his status to a BBQ. I was just checking on what day, and he asked who I was, so obviously he hadn't put my number in his phone. He didn't seem interested in me coming to the BBQ, so I didn't ask to come (just to make sure I wasn't overstepping any boundaries). About a week later I was trying to be nice, so I texted him how his weekend was going... and all I got back was "its good". So I replied asking how the BBQ went, since it rained that day... and no reply.

I accepted that he was probably lying in the beginning about how he wanted to be friends again, and how he was sorry about the past and such...

So I tried to move on and not think or talk about him. This was about two months ago.

All of a sudden I get contact on facebook... now, I know it's not much, but it's him posting on my statuses like "rock on, hope you have fun".

I'm wondering what's going on. I didn't comment back, so I'm wondering if he will still comment and stuff...

Any advice? This guy seems confusing to me.
Why is he suddenly talking to me?
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