Why do I miss my ex now?

My boyfriend broke up with me about three months ago. I was a mess right after, but for some reason I'm really missing him now. We have talked and hung out a little over the course of the last couple of months. For some reason I really miss him now. I have typed up messages and almost sent them, but stopped. I fell kinda lost. Anyone have any insight on this?


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  • Time. Immediately after a break up you feel intense hurt. You try and just block everything out for awhile which makes it fine. Then when the pain subsides, you start to think.. you start to wonder what if and why. My ex left me a year ago and I went through all that. From love to depression to wishing she got hit by a truck, to just being okay with things. In time everything will be ok.


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  • xanax does wonders


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  • You still like him and you definantly haven't had enough time away from him. Even you just hanging out with him alone just might remind you of the good times that you two shared with each other. If so, then your slowing down your healing process.

    But from my point of view, you need time away from him. Don't cut him out of your life, but definantly keep your distance. It works.

    When my boyfriend broke up with me a little more than two months ago, I was a wreck. But with time and not being able to talk to him or see him, I feel completely fine now. All because I didn't see him. If I did, I would still more than likely be an emotional wreck right now.

    So take some time off from him for youself. You'll find yourself feeling better in no time.


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