Should I tell my ex-girlfriend that I still have feelings for her?

She broke up with me a month ago after a month of a relationship. She took me to meet her family and kept telling me that I was special. But then one night, she said she didn't know what she wanted and said I did nothing wrong but still broke it off with me. I texted her the next morning asking if there was a chance at us getting back together and she said she would think about it and promised she wasn't against it. I've kept a streak with her on Snapchat for a while now by sending a S on a picture and we've chatted over voice call once since the break-up. I really do like this girl and I've been trying to figure out why we broke up and the best thing I have is that she lost attraction. I want her back and I haven't talked to her for a week since he video chat. Would telling her my feelings help or hinder my possibility? I'm just going off the mentality that you regret the things you don't do later on and I feel like this is something I may regret.
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Over the chat she kept trying to get me jealous by talking about how other guys keep contacting her which I find kind of odd. I know she's tried to date but every guy since me has ended up hurting her based on what she posts on her stories on Snapchat.
Should I tell my ex-girlfriend that I still have feelings for her?
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