Confusing breakeup?

Ok, my gf/ex was getting over a previous horribly ending relationship. Well, we started dating and got really close fast. I took care of her to the best of my ability and tended to her health and well being. She'd have a bad day and I'd surprise her with dinner and wine with the occasional flowers. Well, things were awesome with us and all of a sudden, today she tells me she's not over her ex and it's not fair to me. So she ended it. What the hell folks?


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  • do you still love her and want her back, have also had experience of this with my husband before we got married i can help you out on what to do she might not be herself when telling you all this i want you to message me so i let you know what to do mccasart @ gmail. com message me

    • I'm not into the whole casting spells and what not. I googled your email and it's a huge red flag for spam and "natural" spells.

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