Will my dad become a sugar daddy and leave my family?

Well here is the background story: Both mom and dad grew up in a different state, different town. Different than where I grew up, I mean. The town is mostly poor and they were poor. No fashinable clothes, no eating out to restaurants, no nice things, no cool trips, no fancy house... My mom even said my dad was an unattractive man but fell in love with him for his values and how he treated her like a queen. As he was an unattractive man he had low self esteem and was bullied for being poor and had no luck with girls.

Eventually, they got married, moved to another state, my dad worked hard on his job. They had my brother, then my sister then me, then my younger brother.

As a small kid, I grew up in the lower middle class, then to middle class, we moved to a rich town and now I'm at upper middle class. Yes, my dad worked hard on the same business, he got promoted over the years. He always said he wanted to give us what he never had.

He became a powerful, wealthy and attractive man. He was always a good father but he became a nightmare of a husband. He cheated on my mom for like a whole year. Im the only one of my siblings who knows this. Its been almost a year since the separation. He is bothering my mom on purpose by putting all his heritage (worth an awful lot of money) on his sister, and took my mom out of the heritage of the house. So if he dies we are screwed. He doesn't know I know this.

We still see him, he is a good father but this all worries me. He promised me it was a mistake and he will never leave us for another woman. We live on our house, my mom kicked him out when she found out of his infidelity, he was on an apartment. Now he just bought a new house. A beautiful house. He tells us is ours and we are always welcome. He gave me a credit card and is always there for us if we need anything. But I'm worried that when we grow up he will find himself a bimbo (ugh! what if she is younger than me?) who will take all his money. Im 17. What can I do?


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  • Nothing you can do but hope he doesn't die for a long time so you can be on your own when you're old enough, most likely he won't marry again anyway so maybe you be in the will later since he can change it anytime

    • Yeah... I think he means no harm on us. My mom says he just wants to upset her, not me and my siblings. The thing is Im sure he thinks he doesn't know I know about all this money drama. Its just been like 3-4 months of this drama and now there are lawyers involved. so I think it can be over before its too late. Im just worried about the far away future. Should I tell him I know? So he feels guilty or something? haha

    • I'm sure you'll be taken care of since you're his daughter but I wouldn't get involved with the money issues right now, I'm sure he knows what he is doing

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  • There's nothing you can do, but I wouldn't worry about it. It seems that he's only making sure that your mum won't get a cent from his money (surely out of spite), but that doesn't mean that he's going to let his kids without anything or that he'll blow all his money on a sugar baby.

    • Thank you. Also, but should I tell him anything about this? Or should I just let my mom handle this and hope for the best? I kind of want to tell him I know and that that is not letting me be at peace or will that just make things more tense between my parents?

    • No, don't tell him anything. Let your parents solve their issues by themselves.

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  • If he's that well off, he should be setting up trusts for you and your siblings are n order to save taxes.

    • save taxes?

    • In the u. s. and many other countries there are taxes on inheritance. You can reduce the amount of taxes owed by various means including trusts.

    • hah I didn't know what. I guess that is interesting but I don't know I don't think that can change his mind. Im sure he knows about it though, but doesn't care. What he wants now is to make my mom upset.

  • life is so complicated for todays teens


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