Guys, What does he mean by "I need time to think it through"?

Cheating not gunna lie is inexcusable no way to really justify the actions of an S/O in that way. Well it's happened three times in which the third time resulted in me telling a lie I'm not very proud of to hurt his feelings in the way he was hurting mine. It was also my birthday and no text, no call ignored me for hours and then found he was searching other girls on his fb he tried to lie about it. the whole ordeal caused me after a night of too much tequila to then tell him I had spoke to someone else mostly out of spite and pain (not proud of it). I forgave all the things he had done but when it came to me telling a lie out of spite he shut off completely and it's been three days and all I'm really asking him is where we stand at this point trying to end the confusion and if anything at all gain some kind of closure due to the fact that I never really threw anything he did at him negatively and simply made a mistake of my own this time. Now he has told me that he wants to think it through to do what is best for us as well as our child. Does this mean he's already headed for the door? What do you think that means in terms of the relationship?
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Also what's my best move here to not push him away but in terms of also not losing him either.
Guys, What does he mean by "I need time to think it through"?
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