BOYS short question: would you still touch your ex girlfriend if you were not interested in her anymore?

OK so short question for the boys out there:

if you were chilling with your ex girlfriend would you touch her in anyway if you had no more feelings for her? like, would you touch her shoulder if you wanna show her something or grab her hand to drag her somewhere? would you do any of this if you were over her and not interested at all? what if you guys were good friends still...would you do any of this? just wondering cause my ex does it often...


Most Helpful Girl

  • hmm... is he equally touchy with other girls? also, was this how he flirted with you before your relationship began? these are some questions to ask yourself.

    right after my boyfriend broke up with me, he still put his arm around me to make sure I was OK, and in that case, he didn't have feelings for me anymore.

    if you guys just broke up, he could be confused... he was so used to touching you before..

    but if he's doing it a lot, and he's showing you how much he cares about you with words and actions(not just physical stuff), then he could be into you still.

    it really depends.


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What Guys Said 2

  • It may be that he is simply still comfortable touching you, I had an ex once point out to me I still did all the little affectionate touching ( face/neck so on) like we were still together I didn't even realize I was doing it. She told me I was really confusing her and have since stopped. So, yes I did touch her even though I didn't have those feelings anymore.

  • I hope my ex goes swimming in the same area Steve Irwin did. So no.


What Girls Said 1

  • Doesn't surprise me any. Just because he doesn't want a relationship anymore doesn't mean he's not still physically attracted to you. Guys can separate the two like that. So he'd probably still hook up with you again if you were down, but a relationship might not be on his mind.


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