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Hello everyone
Just wanting some advice... I've recently separated from my ex of 8 years the end of April... we were due to be married the end of June but called everything off the weekend I got back from my hen... saying he wasn't committed... and that he didn't know why he felt this way... we have 3 beautiful children together the youngest will be one come August... so I don't get why he can't be committed... he has since moved back home with his mum and dad and seems to be partying with his friends whenever he gets the chance, he's only 26 and makes me think that he thinks he's missing out with having kids so young? he takes the kids two nights aweek and I'm grateful for that... but his mum still does everything for the kids looks after them while she goes to work baths, puts the kids to bed, gets up with the kids early in the morning... I don't get any help during the week off anyone... yet I still love him... I know he still cares about me cause he'll ask what I've been doing when he picks the kids up... and he'll do my gardening but I've put a stop to that... and have started doing it myself... on the day we were due to be married he put a post on social media about how disappointed he was in myself and had everyone being sympathetic towards him... I didn't even get a text asking if i was okay... why should he be disappointed? if this is wanted he wanted? I don't hate him for making the right decision for him guess am still heartbrocken while he gets on with life?


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  • Frankly, he sounds like an asshole and you deserve better.

    • He is! Just don't know what to think , some days I think am moving on but it's hard having to bring up 3 kids on my own , something I never signed up for... he made promises he didn't keep... it's the kids i feel sorry for... you think you know someone you've been with for years only for it all to be a lie... I really think he isn't mature enough and misses single life... and I've lefted him to it, cause I will never run after a guy that clearly doesn't want to be with me! God help the next lucky lady to fall for him , he'll say anything to make him feel better about what he did and has even told other people lies about why he called the wedding off. But thanks for your reply means a lot x

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