My boyfriend broke up with me , but wants to be together eventually. How do I make that happen?

My boyfriend of 2 years very recently brokeup with me because he "needs to be alone" and "cant be in a relationship right now" he was in a 3 year relationship before me. Alots happening with his life and he's getting into a career he wants and big changes and he says he wants to figure out the next part in his life alone and not have anyone be a priority to him but himself. But what makes it difficult for me is that he says things like "i want to be together eventually i just can't right now" and "i know you are someone i could see myself with for a long time" he insistes that the breakup is no fault of mine and that he didn't do it so he could go hook up or be with anyone else, he says its just someone he thinks he needs right now. He wants to remain friends and be there for eachother which i think is okay. But im hoping we'll get back together one day, we both know we're good with eachother and really love eachother. My concern is that i dont want to remain friends to be just a backup option after being single isn't all that its cracked up to be. Im struggling as to how i should handle this. I dont want to hate him (because i dont) and while not being used or taken advantage of and also not ruining the chances of potentially getting back together one day (not that im holding my breath or anything) . please help, thank you! All advice is welcome


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  • Fuck him! You were dating a woman with a dick. Also he's trying to be nice, he probably doesn't invest in a lot of what he's saying. Just meaningless lines to not feel so bad about it. that's what is sounds like anyway


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