Said he needed a break 2 weeks ago, still hasn't changed his Facebook status & has pics of us up?

So haven't talked in almost 2 weeks. I was the first girl this man has ever been faithful to, the first one he actually cared about not hurting. He said I know I do not make you happy and was having thoughts about another woman. He needed time so that he could appreciate me. The week before he broke up with he was talking about working overtime so that he could get me a ring, sending me pics of houses that made him think of me. He has abandonment issues. He always does stuff to push people away because he thinks that they are going leave him anyways. He hasn't called or texted & neither have I. We did have a good relationship, never fought, his Daughter and I are close and she didn't think he really wanted to do this. Help.


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  • Maybe he hasn't removed any of the stuff on Facebook because when he has sorted himself back he will come back happier and doesn't want the aggro of all the questions on social media.

    • He changed his status to no relationship info to show (same as me) but hasn't taken the pics down. He says now he appreciates me but hasn't asked to get back together. We did see each other 2 weeks ago but I had to get the rest of my stuff. It went really good, it was the best breakup I've ever had ( haven't had a lot thought),. He seems to think that we will get back together eventually and that I'll be his wife. What are your thoughts?

    • Maybe he's learned to appreciate you as a person whilst you wasn't there but at the same time he wants to make sure everything will feel right, it wouldn't be good to have forced or rushed something.
      Maybe you two feel the same or different I don't know, the fact that everything has been a good breakup shows you two are being mature about things.

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