Please help me, want ex back?

i want to get my ex boyfriend back

i was going through things and he tried to help me. it didn't work, i ended up hurting him unintentionally by betraying his trust because of my trust issues. right now he thinks i'm untrustworthy, condescending, insanely jealous and crazy, and a liar and a bad person.

he said right now i'm not the right person for him and for now we are done. i asked him to consider reconciling once i'm done working through my issues. he said its not too late then, and in 38 days i'll be asking him out again. if he is still single.

if he is willing to give me another chance, that must mean something.

do u think he will meet another girl in those 38 days? also, how do i show him i changed on that date?
Please help me, want ex back?
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