Ex thinks I left him for another man but I didn't?

I broke up with my ex two weeks ago. I broke with him because I felt like he was too busy for a relationship. We used to only talk once a week and hardly ever go on dates. He knew I wanted more but claims it wasn't in his personality to do this. (Even though he used to talk to the ex before me 24/7).

Anyway, he asked me if there was someone else when I broke up with him. And he completely flipped s*** when he found out I was talking to another guy post break up (we were just friends).


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  • Why do you care what he thinks? He's an ex get over it

    • I was hoping we could have been friends in the future

    • Not gonna happen even if he says or agrees to be friends. What would be the point?

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  • All of my exes replied with a "there's someone else isn't there?".
    I've never understood that.
    One guy was abusive towards me in the relationship I just said " no just sick of your bullshit ".


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  • Sounds to me that he's not taking the break up well and is refusing to accept he is the reason it ended, therefore trying to push blame onto you.


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