He dumped me and already regrets it? Advice on what to do?

Hey guys, I just need some advice on what to do.

It hasn't even been a week since my boyfriend of three years broke up with me. I was uncomfortable at a party we attended and said I was going home. He followed me outside and had a go at me over how anti-social I was being (I'm an extremely shy person and I didn't know anyone at this party) he brought up some unrelated stuff that had been bothering him for a while and ultimately broke up with me but insisted he "loves me always" which he texted while walking away from me. Yes, he had a few to drink. I haven't tried to contact him at all in order to recover.
Not even five days later he texts me to acknowledge that he didn't give me a platform to stand on, that I have treated him better than he has treated me, that he didn't know where his outburst came from, loves me and will always love me and hopes we can "sort it out and understand each other" blah blah.

Yes I still love him but I'm still in shock over the whole thing. As he was breaking up with me he was saying this had been the best three years of his life and I'm the best thing to have ever happened to him... so why throw that away?
He sent me that text last night and I have yet to respond, since I'm not sure how to. Sure, I'm open to sitting down and trying to work this kerfuffle out. How should I answer him without going down the path of "omg bae I luv u too"? I considered starting my message saying that I appreciate him reaching out to me but draw blanks on what to say afterwards. Perhaps wording is my weak point and I would like suggestions on how to respond without sounding pushy or desperate. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.


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  • Man I've been there. Not sure what to say. I've made my mistakes and regret them later. But that's life and also a changing in my own personal matters. I know this isn't the answer you sought. That path is up to you. But just to let you know. Things do get better over time.

    • As for anti social. It takes personal steps to get out of that. I'm personally am better but can understand that it's not easy. I rather do things that's fun for me. Parties not my thing unless it's out doors and I'm one cooking at the grill. I've lost track of how many events where I just cook and chat with random people. Personally that's how I cope with events is keeping busy. There something said about cooking and conversation go hand and hand. Sure I'm left a lot alone too but that's works for me. Point. Im out at an event and comfortable. No alcohol at these events. Plenty of water and sodas

    • Not what I was seeking, but appreciated nonetheless. Breaking out of my shell is a completely different story altogether, and something I am constantly working on. Thank you xx

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