Please help, want ex back?

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please help, want ex back?please help, want ex back?


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  • Why 38 days? What's with it? You should make up to him as soon as you can.

    • he wants a break so i can get my
      things together

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    • he broke it off for now, he said "for now we are done" because i have trust issues and i betrayed his trust. he broke it off. i asked if he could give me a second chance when i gt my things together because we have been together for a long time, he said if he's still single to ask him out. i'm asking him out in 38 days

    • use all the chances you got

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  • hi read your message if you still want your ex back and want him to love you as ever as before i want you to mail me so i can let you know what to do and give you some tips and suggestion. this is my mail i will be waiting
    mccartkatty@gmail. com i will be waiting for your mail


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  • you could try but if you two can't work things out then I would just move on and find another person who will/take on the responsibilities of helping you


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