Guys, Should I walk away?

I had that great love, the one guy that I didn't want to show up at my wedding. He broke up with me because he wanted me to move in with him. We lived in separate countries. I was scared to move somewhere with no suppport system other than him and without any way to support myself. I was attending college and I wanted to get my degree and then move there with him. He got tired of waiting and during the time when I wasn't going there to see him, he met someone else. He called and broke up with me. He wouldn't see me because he said that if he did, he wouldn't been able to go through with it. It's 13 years later, we haven't spoken since. I did send him a message 7 years ago to apologise for my reaction to the breakup, to wish him well and say that in the end it was probably for the best. While I don't agree with how he ended it.. I understood. I still loved him but I moved on. 4 weeks ago he sent me a song. He said that he had been thinking about me and that he had missed me. That he never forgot me and that I was the one. We started talking and he showed me the depth of his feelings for me. But.. he was still with her. He told me it was over. He said he had been miserable for 8 years. That she had anger management issues, was very insecure and jealous. He couldn't have friends, if he went to the store, she would text demanding to know what was taking so long. He was done and he told her, his sister and so on that it was over. Then on Monday, he says that she has changed. He has fallen in love with her again and that he owes it to her to give her and their relationship another chance. She knows he was talking to and emotionally involved with someone but not that it's me. He says he doesn't want to loose me. He wants to be friends. He has missed me for 13 years and it hurts him less if we are talking. I am very confused and cycling through emotions. I feel used. I feel like he is just talk. I want to be fair but I wonder if I should just walk away.


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  • Don't make things more complicated! I know it's hard but just stop talking to him... this conversation will take you nowhere but may Rumi all your 3 lives.

    • Thanks. I had decided to stop talking to him. I just wanted to check to make sure my reasoning was sound. I don't want to hurt him unnecessarily.

    • Not only him! you may hurt yourself or his wife... i know it's hard but you made the right decision. At first it will be real hard but you will forget him eventually... and I hope you find your prince charming sometime soon.👍🙂. sorry my English sucks😓

  • He loves you but nature has kept barriers between you. Hope god's on your side.

    • Thanks! Maybe some things aren't meant to be.

    • Maybe you will meet someone else, who is the complete package

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