What is the break up process for men like?

breaking up with someone or being broken up with, either or. just curious.


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  • approx
    for women its:-
    week #1 of rock bottom
    week #2 of recovery
    week#3 to normalize
    so a total month to normalize

    for men its exactly opposite
    week #1 of denying that he has been affected
    week #2 and #3 of realization and acceptance of the sadness
    week #4 and #5 unhealthy living due to having over come by the feeling if being destroyed.
    week #6 drinking
    week #7 acceptance of reality
    week #8 picking himself together
    so almost 2 months to normalize


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  • my personal process...
    she left me for someone else so at first I worked out a lot and did a lot of good things for myself so she'd notice the kind of man she lost. Then I realized she's never coming back, so I just felt sad that she's gone but happy because we spent a lot of good moments together, and now I'm just moving on, sometimes it still hurts to think about her, but I'm doing okay

  • Beer, closure, beer, more closure, beer, emotions, more beer, tacos,.. beer and usually an average looking spouse.

  • I just immediately move on.


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