Is this an unhealthy relationship?

So, I started dating this guy about a week ago and I knew he had liked me for awhile. We have the same classes together and I do like him. Well, ever since we started going out he texts me day and night and wants to hang out nonstop and wants me to not hang out with my friends just so we can have more "our" time together. I wake up and he's texted or called at least once and when I answer it goes on til I fall asleep. He is always showing up to class early to see me more and more. It's gotten to a point where I feel smothered and I talked to him about it and he said he'd back off a little, but it's been going the same. It's only been a week or so and I don't know if it's very healthy. Do you guys think it sounds unhealthy or does he just really really like me a little too much?


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  • He's like the hook end of Velcro and you're the felt end... he's too clingy and you need to have him pulled off of you.

    • Lol that's funny, would be funnier if not true.... Thanks tho:)

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  • It is unhealthy, you need your time with your friends. Too much time together takes you away from what "calms" you. Each person needs an outside life as well. You can't live through eachothers life at such an early stage, it will get old after a while and you will feel like your in a cave that is closing in on you. You should let him know that if you don't get enough time with your friends and family to create "balance" in your life that he will not see you at all. He should respect your feelings and your social life as well.


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